3 Ways to Increase Brand Presence With Social Media

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Using social media accounts for your brand is essential to reaching consumers in real time. While not every type of social media account makes sense for every brand, it’s important to optimize your brand impact in social media via the social channels that best fit your brand. Here are three tips to make an impact.

Create Useful Content

Simply talking about products and product offerings will not help you gain more followers. Providing content that educates, inspires or promotes deeper thinking is more likely to catch interest and maintain it. To make your content more appealing, always include a visual. Pinterest is an excellent opportunity to disperse messaging in a visual way. A limited number of brands are currently testing Promoted Pins, which allow advertisers to better reach their target audience. For more information on Promoted Pins, visit Pinterest’s blog here: Pinterest Blog.

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Engage Your Community

With so many brands talking at consumers, stand out from the crowd and converse with them. Health is a big priority these days, and medical brands can tap into patient concerns and questions by being accessible in social media. Hashtags are a great way to group content on a particular subject matter. Creating a hashtag like #AskSixDegrees allows brands to tap into the questions that are most important to their customers. The simple act of listening to consumers can help determine the solutions that campaigns need to offer. Facebook recently changed the Page Insights offered, which now include “People Engaged” and “Engagement Rate” as key analytics.

Provide Content That Is Easily Shared

Having useful content and engaging with your community is a good start to increase your brand presence in social media, but the key is offering content that is shareable. Including a call to action with shareable content that directly prompts the user to share has been shown to yield higher engagement. Infographics are the perfect way to share educational content, namely specific data, in a visually interesting way. Utilizing an infographic that brings data to life through illustration is one of the creative solutions we recommend for social media.

Ideally, social media content should always fit within your brand pillars. Contact us to learn more about defining your brand pillars with a tailored branding strategy that will elevate your overall brand experience.

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