By the numbers

325+ brands

107 Rx drugs

24 years

100 product launches

150+ medical devices

17 countries

Our mission

To help our clients build Power Brands that become a natural part of how their customers think, feel and behave…by using psycho-sensory methods

Brand pillars

Insightful, Brand-Building Solutions

Flexible & Responsive

Genuine, Engaging & Creative


Frank Schab


Kimberly Coffman 


Mercedes Cimino

Mercedes Cimino

Executive Director, Strategy & Operations

Mark Laverman

Mark Laverman

Executive Director, Branding & Advertising

Christopher Nagle

Christopher Nagle 

Executive Director, Design

Jim Harris

Jim Harris

Director of Advertising

Jim Harris

Kris Larsen

Director Client Engagement

Experience that spans the globe

North America     EU     Asia & Middle East   Australia

“I am very pleased with our selection of Six Degrees for our
yearlong qualitative project. Most importantly my customers, the
brand teams, are equally pleased with the results.”

— Tim B., Fortune 500 Biotechnology Company


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