Enhance Your Brand by Making it Easy

Estimates of how much information each of us confronts every day vary between 34 GB and 74 GB. Regardless of the actual number, we should all be in agreement that in a modern society, each of us wades through a great deal of information and pitches every day.

What does this mean from a brand marketing perspective? It means that a fair amount of success will come to those marketers who focus on making life easier for the customers and prospects of their brands. Here are three ways to make your brand easy.

Make it easy to find your brand.

The first directive in making it easy on your target audience is to make it easy to find your brand. In a saturated media environment, the ability to see and find your brand is the first major hurdle in making life easier for your customers and prospects. Distinctiveness, if not differentiation (see our post on this topic), is essential, but so is having a good digital presence. For most modern consumers the internet is the first stop in brand exposure. Make sure your brand is easily found by search engines, practice good social media activity, consider working with relevant influencers and continually provide fresh and high-quality content related to your brand category—content that is relevant and valuable to your target audience but not salesy.

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Make it easy to choose your brand.

One of the reasons we live in an era of information overload is that there is an over-abundance of offerings for every need or want. Consider the number of cereal brands in the grocery store or the number of automotive brands we can choose from. How can you make it easier for your customers and prospects to choose your brand over the competition? Build and communicate a clear value proposition for your brand rather than trying to be all things to all people. Also, simplify your marketing communications, because most people cannot and will not process more than three reasons why your brand is the best choice for them. Be authentic and predictable to avoid confusing your targets about who you are and what you stand for. Make sure they know you stand behind your offering and have their best interests at heart, rather than just going for the sale. Communicate a purpose or principle that drives you beyond the typical functional variables of the category. People align with and signal through the brands they buy and use, so make it easy for them to do so.

Make it easy to live with your brand.

Finally, you need to make it easy for customers to live with your brand post-purchase. This covers two main categories: The functional and the emotional. On the functional side, your brand should be easy to use. Nobody likes feeling that their time is wasted or that they are inept or inadequate; your brand should work intuitively and easily. And if not, your service recovery should be speedy, gracious, and effective. Always remember, brands are a long game and brand loyalty is a bonus worth investing in.

On the emotional front, your customers want to feel comfortable if not happy with the brand choice they made. Make sure you prove them right. Let them know at purchase that they made the right choice, for example with a statistic or other rationale. Check in on them after a while and see if there’s anything more you can do (obviously, this depends on the category of the brand), or at least make sure they have an easy way to contact you and express their ownership experience (and make sure you follow up).

Your brand’s customers and prospects live in communications overload. The more you can do to make your brand easy for them to find, choose and use, the stronger and more successful your brand will be.

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