Optimizing Your Brand Experience on the Web

As digital communications take the place of more and more in-person experiences between brands and customers, it is critical to optimize those digital experiences to create the best brand experiences possible.


Web Design Trends and Inspiration

Your website is an extension of your brand experience and is often one of the first interactions a customer has with your brand. Trend-watching is a great source of inspiration for creating a fresh experience and new ways to connect with your customers. Here are some great sources of inspiration to help you think of new ways to spruce up your site.


More Pop! Big Type and Bright Gradients

Websites are continuing to trend in a bold direction, using bright gradients and patterns to add texture and emphasis to information (think the ‘90s!). Large, bold typography also continues to be popular. We will see more minimal designs with bold statement typography.

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Strategy in Motion

More motion events triggered by mouse movement, such as hovering or scrolling. For example, items shifting horizontally in and out of the frame. It makes scrolling feel more organic, like flipping the pages of a book.



A Touch of Chaos

As the Web becomes more homogenized by modular, responsive sites, designers are adding a little chaos to the order. Disruptive or asymmetrical layouts are based on the classic contrast of forms, colors, textures, sizes, etc. What has changed is the location of the different elements and the harmony of dependency between them. Characterized by text and images overlapping each other, enormous headlines coupled with thin, delicate separators.



360 Video and Parallax Scrolling

Video continues to be king of content on the Web. 360 video is a great way to deliver an interactive experience to your users while showcasing your content. Like video, parallax scrolling creates the illusion of depth in 2-D design by moving the foreground and background at different rates.




Cinemagraphs are high-quality videos or GIFs that run on a continuous loop. What makes a cinemagraph unique is that it brings a specific part of the photo to life, thus making the image more realistic and interesting. More great examples of cinemagraphs can be found here.

Sunday busyness – cinemagraph by Attila N.


Whether you’re looking to update content or do a full redesign, it’s always a good idea to stay on top of what’s possible on the Web.

Here are a few resources to help find fresh inspiration for your next Web project.

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