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Founded in 2000, Insulet Corporation is an innovative medical device company and the makers of the Omnipod Insulin Management System – a tubeless pod pump providing continuous insulin delivery. With a product brand taking center stage, Insulet was looking to expand its diabetes penetration while also setting the stage for future product innovations.




Building a foundation

With Omnipod, our scope of work included developing an optimal brand strategy, including positioning, promise and pillars as well as a product naming and brand architecture that defined the working relationship between the product and corporate brands.


Scope of work:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Competitive audit
  • Customer research
  • Brand strategy workshop
    • Brand positioning
    • Brand promise & pillars
  • Naming strategy
  • Messaging blueprint
  • Sensory Q research / Sensory positioning
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer personas
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand promise & pillars
  • Internal brand cascading

A deeper understanding

Careful and detailed research can provide valuable insights in helping shape an effective brand strategy.

With Omnipod, our extensive research experience allowed us to uncover deeper, richer insights – and our visual reporting turned complex findings into simple, actionable recommendations. As a result, we were able to provide Omnipod with a clear path forward.

Stakeholder interviews also revealed a strong passion within the organization to help improve the lives of people living with diabetes – and provided greater insight in shaping key messages.

Additionally, research highlighted the differences between how consumers and healthcare providers think about the different brands and helped reveal opportunities for Omnipod to differentiate itself in the marketplace.

Seeing the big picture

A key part of this strategy & branding project involved an extensive competitive marcom audit – including the review of twelve products/brands within the insulin delivery space. Understanding what your competitors are saying (and how they’re saying it) is vital to creating a unique and compelling brand strategy – and we were able to identify keys areas where Omnipod could distinguish themselves from the competition.

Shaping the sensory model

Did you know more than 80% of human communication is based on non-verbal information? That’s why Six Degrees places a tremendous value on Psycho-Sensory principles and branding techniques.

In this phase of the project, we conducted multiple in-person SensoryQ workshops – located in Scottsdale, London and Munich – to help identify the sensory cues that triggered the desired brand perceptions in the minds of our target audience – in this case, both consumers and healthcare professionals.

As part of this process, respondents were asked to rank-order specific images in order to create a visual spectrum indicating which stimuli best represented the brand pillars. A sensory model is then created and used to guide development of the brand’s overall look & feel of future marketing communications to ensure they are triggering the desired brand perceptions in Omnipod’s target audiences.

A blueprint for success

How do you get your team and organization speaking the same language? You create a master blueprint to use as your guide moving forward.

Together with the Omnipod team, Six Degrees developed a brand platform + messaging blueprint clearly identifying the strategic messages that needed to be communicated to different segments of our target audiences. Thus, creating one-voice speaking the same consistent message.

These valuable tools are then used by anyone in the organization (as well as external partners) to guide messaging development while also ensuring all verbal brand communications are on message and strategy.

The numbers

stakeholder interviews
consumers surveyed
healthcare professionals surveyed
countries surveyed: US, Canada, France, Germany, UK
competitors reviewed for marcom audit


Six Degrees was able to help bring clarity to the Omnipod brand and outline a clear brand strategy moving forward. By successfully setting the stage for this truly innovative and life-saving product, Insulet Corporation and the Omnipod brand will be shining bright well into the future.

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