People are constantly forming perceptions about a brand.
At Six Degrees, we don’t leave that to chance.



Creative breakthroughs happen when marketers look to unconscious behavior. Digging here, we gain insights that matter.

No two research projects are alike. So, in consultation with you, we customize each project to best meet your business objectives. Our psycho-sensory research techniques uncover deeper, richer insights. And our visual reports turn even complex research findings into easy-to-digest business intelligence and actionable recommendations. As a result, we help you see your customers in new ways and help you better communicate with and influence your key audiences.


Our extensive qualitative and quantitative experience is deeply focused in health care, along with additional experience in hospitality, automotive and a number of other sectors.

Exploratory/landscape research
Customer journey research
Explicit/implicit purchase drivers
Emotional drivers/barriers
Competitive audits
Brand image assessment
Brand experience research
Position exploration & validation
Concept testing
Message testing
Name & logo evaluation
Packaging research



Successful brands are lived, not just marketed. Our psycho-sensory brand-building strategies transcend words to touch hearts and minds.

The strongest brand strategies optimize on three core criteria: customer relevance, competitive differentiation and brand credibility. Our proven, interactive workshops ensure objective and balanced consideration of customer insights, market trends and competitor strategies, as well as client goals and aspirations.


The resulting brand strategies lead to stronger, more successful and more valuable brands.

Brand vision & mission
Brand positioning
Brand promise & pillars
Brand narrative
Brand architecture
Internal cascading
Launch plan
Marketing plan
Messaging blueprint
Sensory positioning
Brand style guide



Tailored to your brand’s target audiences, our unique psycho-sensory approach ensures that your communications automatically trigger the desired brand perceptions.

Being creative is easy. Creative communications that effectively bring your brand strategy to life and achieve real brand-building results are a bit more difficult and far more rare. Our strategic approach DOES NOT leave creative communications development up to subjectivity or personal whim.

Brand identity
Ads & collateral
Videos & animation
Websites & SEO
Trade shows & signage
Augmented reality



Your investment in insights, strategy and creative is for naught without expert implementation of your communications across the optimal set of marketing channels.

Attention spans have shrunk while digital distractions have proliferated. In today’s environment, effective delivery of your brand messages requires both broad and deep expertise in modern marketing tools and techniques. Expertise like what we have assembled for you at Six Degrees.

Direct & email marketing
Social media marketing
Content/inbound marketing
Marketing automation
Integrated campaigns
Website marketing
Video/animation marketing