Should You Use the “Cloud”?

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These days I have heard that cloud computing reigns, but what is it? Where is it?

Has anyone ever actually seen the cloud?

Do they know if the cloud is a cirrus, cumulus or stratus cloud?

Does it bring data storms?

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No, of course not! In reality the cloud is a physical infrastructure, not some form of magical mist floating above our heads. There are massive warehouse facilities across the world that consist of multiple computers with very large hard drives that combine into a massive data storage solution. It is a network of servers that has the means of storing, sharing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.


When the cloud craze came in like an avalanche, a lot of people had mixed emotions about using a Web service to store their data. Many people were concerned with the security of the cloud and others just plain ol’ didn’t get it. I have to admit, I was very leery of it myself at first. Nowadays the smoke has settled and people are starting to feel comfortable with the idea of it. IT professionals are invoking it as a tool for their clients as a storage solution and a great way to keep infrastructure connected. The technology behind the cloud, as well as its security and user options, continues to grow. To get started, all you need is a cloud provider. This won’t be as tricky as it may seem. Most services offer a small amount of space at no cost to you. This is usually an adequate amount for the average user, but for a business with a higher demand for space and bandwidth, there are purchase or contract options to fit your needs.

Cloud storage can offer individuals and small companies an inexpensive data storage facility without the cost of purchasing and maintaining their own servers. The data is stored off-site and properly secured, which is required by many small companies as well as individuals. The service offers everyone who subscribes to a provider with instant access to their data at any time and from any place where there is access to an Internet connection. This also makes project collaboration more feasible. The amount of available data storage is limited only by the server space a cloud provider offers.

Since cloud storage is still considered a new technology, there will be discussions about the problems with this service. However, no one can say that there aren’t benefits to working with the cloud. You save on equipment and storage space. You have secured access whenever you want from anywhere in the world, and so do your employees.

Here is a list of the top 10 cloud hosting sites from

Cloud storage and networking is a great option for a busy agency like ours. With so many creative people collaborating on multiple projects in an environment that is dominated by a digital format, we can utilize the cloud to share, store, distribute and even secure our digital media with confidence.

Don’t fear the cloud. Embrace it and use it to your advantage!

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