Super Bowl Ads of 2015: What Do You Remember?

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For those of you who watched this year’s Super Bowl, the most memorable moment was probably when the Seattle Seahawks were at the half-yard line with 25 seconds remaining in the game and were poised to score the game-winning touchdown.

Beyond the remarkable interception by the New England Patriots’ cornerback Malcolm Butler and Katy Perry’s halftime show, what else stands out as memorable to you from Super Bowl XLIX? Was it a particular commercial that captured your attention?


Consider this: All of Super Bowl 2015 ad slots were sold out, and according to Lindsay Kramer at, averaged $4.5 million per 30-second spot! Was that money well spent? Advertisers have many reasons for making that kind of buy, not the least of which is the ability to reach a captive audience of 114.4 million – a Super Bowl viewership record, according to But as a viewer, do you recall all of the commercials pictured below? And more importantly, has your impression of any of the companies or products changed since seeing their ad?


Dove Men+Care

Real Strength




Middle Seat




Positive Feelings


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Like a Girl




Pay with Lovin’



Weight Watchers

All You Can Eat















Coca Cola

Make It Happy




The Brady Bunch

Watch all of the ads again from Super Bowl XLIX on Ad Age, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Do the ads have the same impact on you now as they did during the big game?
  • What impressions do you now have of the brands?
  • Did any of them move you enough to consider making a purchase? Or did any of them have the opposite effect on you?


Certainly this year’s Super Bowl ads entertained you. But what do you remember?

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