Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Brand Your Clinical Trial

Looking to brand your clinical trial?

A common misconception is that branding is only for commercial products. But, in reality, anything that has perceptions and associations beyond its functional or descriptive attributes is a brand: Consider events (like the Olympics or World Cup), organizations (like The United Nations or The Salvation Army), buildings (like the Eiffel Tower or The White House), countries (like the USA or Japan), media of exchange (the US Dollar, Bitcoin) and people (like Jay-Z or Elton John), to mention a few.

By extension, building a trial brand is the process of imbuing the trial with perceptions and associations that are meaningful and compelling to the targeted participants—and that transcend the clinical and scientific attributes of the trial.

About Psycho-Sensory Brand-Building

What Makes Psycho-Sensory Brand-Building Different from Common Brand-Building? Brand-building is the strategic process of imbuing a product, service, ...

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Here are the top 10 benefits of branding a clinical trial:

  1. A meaningful and memorable “handle” (name & logo) to aid all stakeholders, in lieu of a highly scientific title
  2. Strong differentiation from competing trials
  3. An approachable, consumer-friendly offering that appeals to patients and caregivers
  4. A participation process that is easy for patients and caregivers to understand and follow
  5. Credibility within HCP, KOL and advocacy communities stemming from a professional package of trial content and communications
  6. A ready-made system of interconnected communications pieces to assist sites and CROs in driving enrollment across different channels
  7. A sense of satisfaction, pride and optimism from participating in the scientific process for improving human health
  8. The ability to communicate a leadership role and drive the debate within the therapeutic area
  9. Greater enthusiasm for the trial within your organization
  10. Increased funding potential resulting from a more sophisticated and credible-appearing asset

At Six Degrees, we have seen patient enrollment improvements of up to 650% from trial branding.

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Six Degrees uses psycho-sensory tools and techniques to build more successful national and global brands. Brands are rooted in human perception. And our psycho-sensory approach is designed to identify deeper and richer insights from human perception and then develop brand communications that change suboptimal perceptions or reinforce the right perceptions. More than 80 percent of the information humans process is nonverbal, making it essential that brands manage the sensory signals they send out. Our people are passionate branding experts wielding powerful psycho-sensory tools to build stronger and more successful brands across the globe.

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