Why Amazon Brand Registry is a Good Solution

Selling on Amazon is one of the best business models available in this day and age. The great thing about selling on Amazon is that almost anyone can get started with very little money in terms of initial investment. However, despite the fact that it’s easy to get started, becoming a truly successful seller is a challenge. This is why any serious Amazon seller is always looking for a selling strategy with high growth potential. When it comes to selling on Amazon, the most straightforward way of getting started is to apply to become a registered brand. 

What are registered brands on Amazon?

A registered brand on Amazon is sort of like becoming a partner of Amazon’s. You can compare it to being “verified” on social media. Being a part of the Amazon brand registry means that you have confirmed that you are a legitimate brand in the eyes of Amazon and that you are the rightful owner. This immediately makes a major impact on your competitors’ ability to take your buy box or sell counterfeit versions of your goods. Because of this, Amazon will give you space to grow and acquire more “real estate” for your brand.

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The benefits of being an Amazon registered brand

When you are accepted into the brand program, you receive access to tools that support you in building your brand identity and promoting it. Those benefits include:

A+ Content
This option allows you to customize your listings and your storefront. It’s similar to having a simplified web design customization tool. You can add hero shots, photos of the products being used, infographics, and even tables comparing different products that you offer. Below is a good example of well-done A+ content on a registered brand listing:

Additional PPC options
While the standard PPC system is excellent, you can always use more opportunity to experiment. As a registered brand, you can access several different options for sponsored ads. The best part is that these ads are running in their own separate channels parallel to regular PPC. They are also more customizable in terms of presentation. Targeting works similarly to standard PPC. The advantage is customization and real estate. Below we can see an example of a sponsored brands ad:

As a sponsored brand, you can have a video as a part of your listing. It can occupy the space of a product image. You can also do Video PPC ads, which are a new addition. 

Constant innovation
Amazon is constantly innovating the options available to registered brands. They want to encourage as many people as possible to enroll because it increases buyer trust and improves the overall Amazon shopping experience. 

How to get registered

You only need a few things to get registered:

  • A company website that displays your registered seller account email address.
  • Your brand logo and company name displayed on your product packaging as well as on the product itself.
  • A registered trademark for your brand with the proper authority of the Amazon market country in which you are selling. 

The trademark is the difficult part since that process can take several months. However, once you have your trademark registered, the rest of the process should not take long at all. 

In conclusion, enrolling with the brand registry is something that every serious Amazon seller should consider. The advantages are obvious for anyone who is committed to growing their Amazon business. Good luck, sellers!

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