Brand-Building by the Numbers: Six Web Trends for 2015

Brand-Building by the Numbers: Six Web Trends for 2015

The way digital content is being delivered and consumed has changed dramatically in recent years. Through this evolution in Web design, a few best practices have surfaced that will continue to define digital marketing throughout 2015. The proliferation of mobile devices has ushered in an era of mobile-first design incorporating digital video, typography, vector graphics and infographics in a responsive, scrolling website. Leveraging these digital marketing trends along with brand-building is paramount in order to stand out in the crowded environment known as the World Wide Web! “Brand-Building by the Numbers: Six Web Trends for 2015” is now available on the Six Degrees YouTube Channel!

Christopher Nagle

Chris has more than 20 years of design and art direction experience with work that spans multiple industries and areas of application. His drive to uncover what sparks the motivations of his target audiences is what has led to a career of not only award-winning work, but work that moves the needle for his clients. Chris’ extensive background working with researchers and strategists has also given him a strong understanding of how to ensure that visual communications are true to the brand while reaching the right audience in the intended manner.

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