How Can Marketing Automation Generate Revenue for Your Business?

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Automation, Marketing

Marketing has always been a herculean task. It consumes a lot of time and energy, plus you are not assured of getting leads, much less retaining them. The world these days is about making more through spending less. Furthermore, there is no certainty that the marketing strategy or campaign will yield expected results, even if it employs the services of the best SEO agency or Magento e-commerce agency. The traditional marketing strategy was totally concerned with getting new customers without any serious consideration of retaining the old ones. Nowadays, the best promotional offers are usually given to new customers to lure them in while nothing is put in place to keep existing customers happy.

With marketing automation, however, you can measure your marketing tasks and automate them to improve your efficiency and productivity. Marketing automation is a technology that allows companies to streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks and workflows to increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. Buyers want to learn at their own pace and be reached when they are ready to buy. The only way you can reach out to your buyers when they need you to is through marketing automation. In addition, you can also use marketing automation to keep existing customers smiling.

The purpose of making an investment is to yield a return, and marketing is no different. It’s time to make your money count not only by getting new customers but by satisfying the old ones as well. Below are some of the ways you can use marketing automation to generate revenue for your business.

Personalized Messages

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The decisive factor as to why a customer might pick another brand over yours could be because your email’s salutation reads “Dear Customer” or “Dear Sir/Madam,” while the email of your competition reads “Dear Gary.” I cannot explain how I felt when my financial institution sent me birthday wishes via an SMS addressed to my name. Marketing automation can help you create strong, fruitful, holistic customer profiles. You can analyze these profiles and segment your customers into highly targeted audiences, ensuring that the right message is delivered to the right person, on the right channel, at just the right time. These profiles can be updated continually through the marketing automation solution, ensuring that the information is always up to date without your marketing team having to sift through massive amounts of data.

Remembering Your Existing Customers

Here is a good example of how to retain your existing buyers. A telecommunications company recently started a campaign. This campaign was aimed at subscribers who had not recharged their SIM cards in more than three months. The company gave them special bonuses both on voice call and on data. It must not be this way. With marketing automation, you can create an “existing customer” campaign and create a customer “renewal” campaign. With this strategy, your existing customers will not be feeling like the elder brother of the prodigal son whose loyalty was not rewarded.

Direct Marketing Campaign

By using marketing automation, you can remove the trial and error that comes with traditional marketing. Instead of purchasing a list of business contacts – most of whom do not know about your business – you can use marketing automation to offer useful content to those on the acquired list instead of making an immediate sales pitch. Providing educational material will build familiarity and credibility. It will also lead to a greater percentage of the customers on the list moving through the buying process. This is where you can create multiple campaigns with content specialized for different audiences.

Engaging Welcome Messages

Instead of simply welcoming new customers, your welcome emails can help you start a conversation with them. It should be something of value that can elicit a positive reaction from your new customers. Automation enables you to send personalized follow-up emails to encourage customers to finish what they started. Automated follow-ups bring prospects back to your site and allow you to build relationships with them, which can lead to more customers for you.

With marketing automation, you can increase your clientele while keeping your existing customers satisfied. Also, your customers will feel valued because your messages will be generated to address them personally. What was thought to be impossible is now realistic with marketing automation.

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