The Psychology of Better Brand-Building

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The power of brands comes from the fact that they live in the human mind. And that means that brands fall under the domain of psychology. If you want to build better, stronger and more successful brands, you need to learn to apply behavioral principles from the field of psychology.

Unfortunately for brand-builders, the human mind is only partially logical. Its decisions are influenced by a complex combination of instincts, prior experiences and emotional reactions. It harbors biases it is aware of, or not. It may be excited or tired at any given point in time. It holds beliefs and preconceived notions that new factual information may or may not overcome. Its ability to remember is limited and faulty. And it may or may not operate or respond consistently from one day to the next.

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If you’re a brand-builder, you may now suddenly wish you had gone into engineering instead!

Fortunately, the field of psychology has done a lot of research on the human mind and human behavior, and the principles of psychology have a direct relevance for brand-building. As a psycho-sensory brand-building agency, Six Degrees takes advantage of these psychological principles to find solutions for some of today’s fastest-moving brands.

The following is our first installment in the series “Principles of Psycho-Sensory Brand-Building.” It is an introduction and overview on how you can do better brand-building.



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