How AI Will Likely Change Brand Marketing in the Long Term

The current debate about how artificial intelligence (AI) will change marketing tends to focus on the short term—revolving mostly around how AI will enhance marketing efficiency by making automated customer-brand interactions smarter (e.g., smarter chatbots) and by creating faster first-draft marketing communications. But to us at Six Degrees, the AI revolution we are currently rushing headlong into ultimately will have less to do with the internal mechanics of the marketing profession and much more with the external customer world and how brands engage with customers. Specifically, we expect to see two fundamental, long-term changes in brand marketing driven by AI:

Ads designed for algorithms rather than people

Today, marketers carefully package their offerings to maximize reach and convert targeted prospects into brand customers. Targeted prospects, for their part, are much less enthusiastic about the daily deluge of those efforts across their preferred information channels than marketers because they are there for entirely different purposes; hence the phrase “interruption marketing”. What AI will afford consumers of the future is a way to filter out this unwanted deluge of ads and automate their receipt of only those brand offerings that are of current interest and relevance. AI will provide consumers with active and smart agents to help them optimize what offerings they “see” based on their predilections, behaviors and the current context—leaving marketers to tailor their ads to large language model (LLM) algorithms as opposed to people.

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Evolving brand experience curation

The second major way in which AI will change marketing and branding will be in how brands in future structure experiences and engage with customers and prospects. As AI transforms both work and play as we know them today, it will lead to the creation of heretofore unimagined new ways of doing, experiencing and expressing. Novel tools and platforms will evolve for entertainment, learning and supporting oneself, as well as for interacting with other people, the physical world and exciting new artificial worlds. Accordingly, marketers and branders must adapt to these innovations to stay relevant and engage meaningfully with prospects and customers, who will likely also enjoy more leisure time than previous generations.

While this future seems a few years away as we are still dipping our toes in the generative AI waters with copy writing assistance and smarter chatbots, it seems to us that AI is one of those revolutions with societal impact best described by a hyperbolic curve—and what seems like a distant future might just arrive far sooner than expected. Those brand owners and managers who keep an open mind, stay attuned to AI-driven innovation and are unafraid to experiment with the novel tools, platforms and behaviors of the future will be the ones most likely to survive and thrive in the future world enabled and ultimately created by AI.

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